You’re having a special event and you want an area to do cocktails. We understand, which is why when you book our event venue, you can take advantage of a ballroom as well as a cocktail area. Whether you just want an event venue that has a cocktail area as well as a section where you can enjoy your night or if you just want a cocktail area, Royal Palace Ballrooms has you covered when it comes to planning a special event for your exceptional night. By offering a cocktail area, you can start your night off right with the people you love surrounding you.

Cocktail Areas In Our Event Venue

So, you’re getting married or you’re having an anniversary party and you want to start the night off on the best foot possible. We understand that it’s an important night and you want to make it the best possible. That means having a designated cocktail area in the event venue you chose. Any place where you’re having a special event should have an area where you can have time to spend with your guests before the festivities begin. Before you really get the party started, you should have a few hours of mingling with your loved ones while enjoying some hors d’oeuvres as well as beverages. If you’re only looking for an event venue that has a spacious and aesthetically pleasing area to have cocktails, then our Hialeah venue is the best choice. Whether you want to enjoy a few hours of cocktail hour with your loved ones to celebrate a special occasion or you want an area to start the festivities before you move forward, Royal Palace Ballrooms has you covered.

The Packages You Can Benefit From

We offer four different packages that will cover all of the basics. As you begin to plan your event, ask yourself what you’re looking for. Are you searching for a venue that will decorate your event to your specifications? Do you want an event venue that will hold hundreds of people or just have a small little get-together? Are you hoping to start at one area for cocktails and then move to another for the remainder of the evening? As an experienced venue hall, we know what you need to have a perfect night. Whether you’re getting married, just want to celebrate a coworker, or you want to throw a birthday party, Royal Palace Ballrooms is a piece of grand architecture that has been enthralling guests since the mid-1960s. We have over 50 years of experience in event planning and ensuring brides have the night of their dreams and families have memories to last a lifetime.

An Introduction To Royal Palace Ballrooms

As we mentioned above, Royal Palace Ballrooms has been an event venue for your special occasions since 1965. We have the necessary experience and the knowledge that’s essential to ensure everyone at your event has a good time. As a piece of dazzling architecture, this luxurious ballroom knows how to impress your guests. If you’re looking for grand halls and ballrooms that can be transformed into your dream event, then come visit Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah.



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