Superior craft and true art is a great way to describe our event venue. When you have any type of event, the venue is just as important as the details of the occasion. If you neglect to have your event in a beautiful atmosphere with decorations and delicious food, then you’re not taking those few extra steps to create an atmosphere that’s something you really want to remember for the rest of your life. The venue should be in an environment that creates gasps of awe and ensures your guests are dazzled by the pure beauty of the venue. With Royal Palace Ballrooms, you’re able to elicit those gasps of reverence and overwhelm your guests.

An Anniversary Party To Remember

Regardless of the type of anniversary party you want to host, Royal Palace Ballrooms can be of assistance in creating the perfect event. As an event venue, we have a lot of experience in creating the event of your dreams. When it comes to an anniversary party, you may want to recreate your wedding, pay tribute to a special time, or remember the happiest day of your life. By coming to Royal Palace Ballrooms, you can recreate the event in your past you would like to remember. Whether the anniversary party is to remember 10 years of marriage or 50, we’ll help you make your dreams a reality with our many different elements you can incorporate in your special occasion. If you had a special flower at your wedding that you want to bring back for your anniversary party, then we can work with you to ensure those specific details are incorporated.

Why Royal Palace Ballrooms Is The Best Option

Royal Palace Ballrooms is the ideal option for your anniversary party because we strive to give you everything you would like on your special day. If you want to remember your wedding to your loved one, then we can ensure that your anniversary party is an event to remember. With our many packages and details, you won’t have to worry about food arriving on time or how the decor needs to look. What sets us apart from other event venues is that all you need to worry about is showing up and we’ll handle the rest. Each of our packages can offer you a little something different as well. You can choose a package with a music DJ or one with an open bar. Let us know what you want for your special event and we’ll figure out what the best package is as well as how we can create a night that you remember forever.

An Introduction To Our Event Venue

Royal Palace Ballrooms has been an event venue since 1965. We’ve hosted hundreds of anniversary parties and more for couples that are just as in love as their wedding day. We have experience with dazzling guests and the host alike in every little detail we can arrange for your special event. With decorations, delicious food, music, and ways to remember your event for the rest of your life, you’ll be amazed at what our venue can accomplish.



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