Graduations are a special time to celebrate the first steps toward becoming older. Whether your little one is graduating from preschool, middle school, high school, or even college, it’s important to celebrate these steps that take them closer to adulthood. Additionally, celebrating graduations will show your child and even yourself that they’ve been able to complete a portion of their schooling. Graduations are a time for remembering how hard you’ve worked and the amount of money you may have poured into an education. Luckily, with our event venue, you’ll be able to celebrate your child’s or even your own graduation in a stylish and affordable manner.

Why You Should Pick Our Venue

The top reason why you should pick our venue is that we have everything you need to have a great time during your special event. We have been around for over 50 years, so we know a thing or two about throwing fantastic celebrations. From graduation parties to baby showers, we’ve dealt with them all, so we know how to handle any obstacle that might come your way during your big night. We have the necessary experience, resources, and the space to hold as many people as you want to invite. We have a few halls to rent that vary in size, so we can accommodate larger or smaller parties. Additionally, we offer packages that will cover all of the necessities. You won’t have to worry about food or anything else when you decide to pick our event venue. What sets us apart from other venues in the Hialeah area is the simple fact that we want you and your guests to have a fantastic time. We care about making your dreams come true.

Learn How You Can Celebrate Your Graduation

Do you want to throw your child the best graduation party? Do you want to have the best graduation for yourself? Then it’s time to get started planning your graduation party in our event venue. Our event venue can cater large or small parties depending on the ballroom you pick. When you come in, we’ll give you a cap on the size for each of our rooms. Additionally, each of the packages you might be interested in cater to different needs. For example, some of our packages come with music from a DJ. In each of our packages, we go above and beyond to decorate the venue; however, depending on the package you choose you might have fewer floral arrangements or not be able to pick the color of linens you desire. Regardless of the package you pick for your graduation party, you’ll be able to have access to food, decorations, music, and photographs to remember the night for a lifetime.

About Royal Palace Ballrooms

Royal Palace Ballrooms can be dated back for 50 years to 1965. We pride ourselves on being such a timeless, picturesque structure of architecture. When you come to our event venue, you’ll be dazzled by how beautiful it is. Additionally, you’ll notice the craftsmanship, which is a true form of art. Our venue has seen an array of celebrations come through it, so we understand what you’re looking for. With two ballrooms and banquet halls, you can decide what you want out of your event when you celebrate at the Royal Palace Ballrooms.



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