When you decide upon a private wedding ceremony, you want it to be intimate, beautiful, and in the ideal environment. To some degree, you probably want it to be exclusive with no outsiders wandering into the venue. When you decide upon Royal Palace Ballrooms, you can expect all of those things when you book our wedding venue for your perfect private wedding ceremony. For more information about our wedding venues, take the time to contact our facility.

Celebrate A Private Wedding Ceremony At An Ideal Wedding Venue

What have you always wanted for your private wedding ceremony? Do you want it to be just you and a few of your loved ones? Do you want to treat the event extremely exclusively? Do you want to make sure that no one comes to the wedding who isn’t invited? Regardless of the size of the wedding, we’re able to accommodate each of your guests. If you want to keep the event intimate, then our staff and facility will ensure that your event is exclusive. In addition, no matter the event we have at Royal Palace Ballrooms each occasion is treated discreetly and we strive to keep your event as private as possible. Our wedding venue has many different rooms that can cater to a more private and intimate event as well as events that are larger. If you want a private wedding ceremony, then our wedding venue is the perfect option due to the versatility we offer in not only our packages but our rooms as well.

Why Royal Palace Ballrooms Is The Right Options For Your Private Wedding Ceremony

From intimate gatherings to larger events, Royal Palace Ballroom is the perfect facility to have any special event. We have four superb packages to pick from when you decide to get married or host another event at our venue. We strive to have every element of your special event covered. We don’t want you to be stressed on your special day, which is why we take upon ourselves each facet of planning a successful party. If you’re considering having your private wedding ceremony here, then you should be aware that we pride ourselves on creating every little detail that will create a beautiful memory that lasts the test of time. We’ll cover elements such as the tasty food, open bar, photos, and music with a DJ. Additionally, since you’re having a wedding, then we have a specific package that might just be the perfect option for you.or your special event and we’ll figure out what the best package is as well as how we can

About Royal Palace Ballrooms

Since 1965, our facility has hosted beautiful weddings, anniversary parties, and birthday parties. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect environment for those who want to have their special event at our venue. As a wedding venue, we go above and beyond to make sure that the floral arrangements are flawless, the linens are crisp, and the food is delectable. If you’re looking for a venue that will create an intimate gathering for your special day, then we’re the right wedding venue for you.



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