A quinceañera is a time for a girl to become a woman. The celebration takes place during the fifteenth birthday of a girl who is making her transition from childhood to womanhood. A long time ago, before the fifteenth birthdays, girls were taught the essentials of being an adult such as cooking, weaving, and how to be a good wife. Across the world, the traditions for quinceañeras are a little different. For example, some quinceañeras are more religious than others or they are called different events like in Brazil a quinceañera is called a Festa de debutantes. Regardless of the way a quinceañera is celebrated, it’s essential that a good time is had by all and that’s how Royal Palace Ballrooms can step in.

How Our Party Venue Can Benefit Your Event

At Royal Palace Ballrooms, we have ballrooms and banquet halls for events that are on the smaller or the larger side. Located in Hialeah, FL, Royal Palace Ballrooms is a party venue that will make all of your dreams come true. Our event venue has a lot to offer your special celebration. We offer four different packages and each one provides you with a different experience. For instance, the Magnifique Package is one that focuses on uplighting decor, linens for the tables, four hours of your event and an open bar, and staff with white gloves to make your quinceañera a classy and sophisticated event. In one of our other packages, the Quinceañera Majestic Package, this one caters specifically to quinceañeras. You’ll be able to have a state of choice that ranges from Cinderella to Mardi Gras. This package is specifically geared for those who want a quinceañera and want to celebrate it fashionably.

Celebrate A Quinceañera In Style

When a girl is becoming a woman, it’s important that you make the occasion a memorable one. You want your little girl to look back on her quinceañera with fond memories. A quinceañera is a time for family members and friends to come together and celebrate your little girl’s entrance into a new chapter of her life, which is why you want to make sure everything is perfect. Our facility is able to provide photography, a stage of choice, dinner, entertainment, decorations, and give you a night that you’ll always remember. The dinner consists of six Hors d’oeuvres, main course, two side dishes, a salad, cake, champagne, and bread and butter. We’ll arrange the decorations just right so the ballroom or banquet hall you decide on will look perfect. With so many decisions to make, our event venue staff will help to guide you through your choices to ensure your experience is magnificent.

About Royal Palace Ballrooms

Royal Palace Ballrooms has been an integral part of celebrating quinceañeras, weddings, and other events since 1965. The architecture is grand and is known as the coliseum. Our party venue has been dazzling and astonishing our guests since the inception if it. No matter which ballroom or banquet hall you have your celebration in, each room has top quality architecture that entices those to have a magnificent time. Sit down for dinner, dance on the floor, or have an intimate occasion at the Royal Palace Ballrooms.



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