Wedding bells are in the air! Can you feel the excitement for your big day? Are you already feeling the butterflies? If you thought the proposal was a whirlwind and the happiest day of your life, then you should get ready for your wedding. From a young age, you probably thought about how your wedding will play out. Did you want a four tier wedding cake? Would you prefer cupcakes instead of a cake? Have you considered how many guests there will be? We know you’re probably overwhelmed with planning and finding every perfect item that will make your special day exceptional, so we would like to share some information about our wedding venue. Built from top-quality craftsmanship, our wedding venue will properly honor any event that comes through our hall. At The Royal Palace Ballroom, we are able to make your wedding the happiest and most special day of your life.

Why You Should Have Your Wedding At The Royal Palace Ballroom

The Royal Palace Ballroom is made to meet your needs for your special event. With a variety of ballrooms and banquet halls, we’re able to accommodate the size of your party with a variety of our packages. With small gatherings to large ones, once you let us know how many people will be in attendance we’ll oblige what you’re looking for. We have catering that is out of this world and we’ll decorate the ballroom or banquet hall to your specifications. Why should you worry about how your wedding will turn out when you are concerned about making a vow to your partner for the rest of your life? Allow us to prepare everything for your wedding so you can enjoy yourself.

Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

When you were little, what did you want for your wedding? Did you imagine the food, the cake, your dress, and who would give you away? Now, that you’re a little older and you’ve found the perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with, have you figured out how you want to celebrate your wedding? One of the details of having the perfect wedding is making sure you pick an accommodating event venue that will meet your needs. From inviting every single person in your family to picking out the food you would like to serve, the Royal Palace Ballroom can assist you in planning a perfect event. Our venue will help you create the wedding of your dreams instead of making it more difficult for you. You don’t have to do the planning alone; we can assist you in organizing the decor, arranging the flowers, catering the food, and more. Take a minute to imagine what you want from your wedding and once you let us know, we’ll help you make it a reality.

About The Royal Palace Ballroom

As early as 1965, we have been celebrating other people’s special events in Hialeah, FL. From weddings to birthday parties, we have helped others remember a special day for the rest of their lives. At Royal Palace Ballrooms, we strive to make your special event memorable. When you look back on your wedding or another special event, we want you to smile and remember the joy you had during your special occasion.
If you’re looking for the perfect place for your wedding, then come see our venue in Hialeah.



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