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Get the all-inclusive Elegant package at our banquet hall.
Our Elegant package at Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah is here to help make your event everything you want. From five hours of event time at our banquet hall to staff, linens, and a formal sit-down dinner, read through our package details to see if they'll be a good fit for you! Contact our team to schedule a tour or learn more about pricing and our other packages.

Elegant Package Royal Palace Ballrooms

Our Elegant package includes:

  • Access to our banquet hall
  • Themed stage with a DJ, projector, and screen
  • Dining with gold Chiavari chairs, napkins, off-white linens, and staff
  • Complimentary dressing room
  • Formal sit down dinner
  • Photography& Video
  • Centerpiece Flower Arrangements
  • Cocktail reception
  • Uplighting
  • Master of Ceremony
  • CiderToast
  • Served cake
  • Linenselection
  • And more!

  • The Elegant Package at Our Banquet Hall

    If you're looking for an all-inclusive package for your next wedding, party, or event, consider the Elegant Package from Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah. This package provides you with five hours of banquet hall access, five hours of open bar time, a formal sit down dinner, and other amenities. When it comes to planning for a special day or event, we've found that our packages are a good way to alleviate some of the stress that usually comes with trying to coordinate between different vendors. From the tables and chairs to the stage, DJ, and food, our Elegant package includes all of the basics you need for any wedding or event. If you're ready to choose the Elegant Package, contact us today for pricing and to schedule a tour of our banquet hall. From the beautiful architecture to the grand atmosphere of our different rooms, our banquet hall is perfect for giving your guests a memorable event. Read through the details of our Elegant package to see what's included! Is something you need missing from this package? Contact us about other services we can add to your Elegant Package.
    Are you ready to spend more time on the things that matter? Let Royal Palace Ballrooms take care of the space, food, set up, and more. Instead, use your time perfecting the guest list and planning the small details - like customized centerpieces and decorations for your event.

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    Our beautiful banquet hall is here to provide you with a picturesque, formal setting that's perfect for a wide range of events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Quinceañeras
  • Social gatherings
  • Galas and fundraisers
  • And more!
  • If you're ready to get started with your next event at Royal Palace Ballrooms in Hialeah, give us a today! Pricing for the Elegant Package might vary depending on any additional add-ons that are requested.



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